Artist statement

I make textile objects, weaving and drawing where I investigate the connections between architecture and the human body. I am concerned with the ideologies that have formed the basis for measurements and dimensions in our built environment, and how this affects who gets space and how we live. Maps, floor plans and elements from the architecture are drawn up in new places, transferred to textiles or woven. The technical knowledge of construction, system and aesthetics that is included in weaving is part of a rich tradition refined by women through generations, and the textile can be seen as a feminine opposite to the built architecture. In earlier projects, the performative was more in focus in my projects, while in recent years the physical encounter between the audience and the work and space they inhabit has become more important.

Karen Kviltu Lidal, 2024

Artist presentation Video recording from the seminar Med hånden på kunsten, Trønderlag senter for samtidskunst Feb. 10th 2024. (Norwegian)