Exposing Power Structures (On Karen Kviltu Lidal). Essay out on norwegiancrafts.no

Curator, writer and philosopher Zofia Cielatkowska has written this poetic and philosophical essay. Read it on norwegiancrafts.no

“- Karen Kviltu Lidal’s works are not really objects, but rather unfinished entities open to engaging in processes and performative gestures. She moves freely between art forms such as weaving, installation and video documentation, but textiles prevail as her basic point of reference in both the metaphorical and literal sense. This means textiles remain crucial, especially in relation to public space. Exploring and measuring a city with a piece of fabric, which is soft, means the fabric can bend and take on irregular shapes that enable different possibilities and outcomes. This is much different than measuring space with a conventional ruler that simplifies everything into straight lines. And Lidal loves to measure and examine borders.” … more