Contextile 2022

Sept. 3rd – Oct 31st

One of the most significant international biennials for textile and fibre art: Contextile – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, has for its 10th anniversary selected Norway as its Invited Country. In collaboration with Norwegian Textile Artists (NTK), Contextile is organising a Norwegian Textile Art exhibition as part of the biennial’s 2022 edition in Guimarães, Portugal. (Text from Norwegian Crafts) Keep reading …

Still from the video work “Sorting it Out” Anne Knutsen/ Karen Kviltu Lidal 2009. Foto: Courtesy of the artists

Solo exhibit: “My Architecture”

At Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo
11. Aug- 11. Sept. 2022

Lidal’s exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet consists of a series of sculptures in the form of wooden frames with and without hand-woven coverlets, åkler, placed around the space. Keep reading …

The exhibition is kindly supported by Arts Council Norway, The Bergesen Foundation, and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (Norwegian Visual Artists’ Fund).

My Architecture, Karen Kviltu Lidal 2022.
Photo: Thomas Tveter, Kunstnerforbundet

HÅNDFAST: Symposium on socially engaged crafts

Saturday the 18th of June, Lofoten kulturhus
The symposium will weave together the themes in the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (NK) Theme Exhibition 2022: “The Hands that Unravel the Sweater” and NK Nord-Norge’s exhibition “I kjølvannet”.” Here you will hear from both artists and other professionals about how material-based art can be an important way to express social and political engagement. Lidal will participate in a conversation with curator Anne Klontz and local artist/sheep farmer Ragnhild Lie (the conversation will be held in English).

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